Roelfien Vos, award winning interior designer, works internationally for both residential and hospitality sector. Up until 1986 she lived in Germany, where she completed her education. After having acquired experience in a variety of commercial positions, she started her career in 1999 as an interior designer and the co-founder of ‘De Blauwe Kamer’. In 2010 she continued the eponymous design studio as the owner and founder of Roelfien Vos Interior Design & Architecture. Today, the studio has grown into an international team of interior designers and architects and she has built up an impressive global portfolio of exclusive design projects.

Like no other, Roelfien has the capability to move to the rhythm of her clients. Her deft ability to precisely grasp her clients’ wishes and needs, puts her in a perfect position to create designs that truly reflect her clients’ personalities. The projects she creates genuinely reflect the owner’s identity; a result of working with the client as the ultimate starting point. This makes each exclusive design completely unique and intimately personal. Where one project might be colourful and exuberant, the next can be more composed and serene.

All elements in the interior concept are carefully designed and sketched out. In the studio every detail is attentively taken into consideration. Making sure the interior wishes are taken into account from the onset, she starts considering these very early on in the design process. Every single design up to the final styling detail is overseen and supervised by Roelfien before it is approved. All this in order to ultimately arrive at the perfect end result.

Her signature style is characterised by a perfect balance of distinctive textures and meticulous layering. This culminates in an eclectic mix of classic and contemporary design, global finds and custom-designed creations, with great attention to detail. Creative in her use of diverse materials, lush colours and rich structures, Roelfien merges multiple style elements, letting them interact with one another as well as blend together. Objects of emotional value such
as particular heirlooms, works of art or valuable belongings are incorporated seemingly effortlessly into the interior. Subtly combining different styles and details this way, she conceives interiors which truly express the client’s identity.

With a great eye for the most exclusive finds, Roelfien is able to create spaces that stand out and radiate exclusivity and luxury. Her aesthetic judgement leads to interior decisions characterised by a perfect set up interior plan that stands out in its elegance and refined taste.

Roelfien has an international background which allows her to have a good understanding of various cultures and diversity. The portfolio of Roelfien includes major projects where accurate planning and professional project management is required. Roelfien works efficient and according to a scheduled plan and budget.

The goal in interior design is to create the poetry of a space.

Years of experience 20+
Projects location The Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Austria, Bonaire
Phone +31 (0)20 363 97 83
Address Blankenstraat 410
1018 SK Amsterdam
The Netherlands