Since setting up his design studio in 2007, Herman has worked for clients at home and abroad, among others in England, Russia, France, Germany, Spain and Estonia. His studio is responsible for the entire architectural and interior design process, including supervision, in order to achieve a fantastic end result. Herman’s strength lies in his attention to detail, all of which have to be just right in order to achieve one aesthetic and harmonious whole.

Herman’s interiors truly revolve around the residents. He learns about his clients and their wishes in order to conceive a creative, practical and harmonious environment. This means creating interiors in which residents genuinely feel at home, completely fitted with all their personal wishes.

For Herman, designing a house and interior means going on an adventurous journey with his client. Along the way, the design process takes its definitive shape, obtains its ultimate atmosphere and the final result is created based on joint conversations. In the process, Herman tries to surprise his clients in his choice of design and materials, all the while staying close to their own personal wishes.

A lot of time and attention is devoted to the actual layout of a house. The different spaces are designed in the most optimal dimensions and proportions so that they can be used to their full potential. Spaces should provide a sense of intimacy while at the same time being connected in a natural and open way.

Herman’s interior designs are an intricate interplay of architecture, furnishings, colours and materials, including of course, an excellently thought out lighting plan.

This talented designer believes that a house must essentially be liveable. The kitchen has to be primarily practical; suitable for having breakfast or a pleasant conversation while cooking. The interior has to truly suit the way residents live and want to use the house. Colour is very crucial for the character of the house, as it can make a space more open or, on the contrary, warmer and more intimate. Herman’s immaculate choice of exactly the right materials and accessories adds the perfect finishing touch. The right window coverings, rich comfortable rugs, beautiful stylish vases and freshly coloured cushions create the ultimate cohesion, comfort and harmony in an interior.

Harmony as a guiding principle.

Years of experience 10+
Projects location The Netherlands, England, Russia, France, Germany, Spain, Estonia, Austria
Phone +31 (0)20 810 80 35
Address Oranje Nassaulaan 31-H
The Netherlands