In 1995, Remy Meijers graduated from the department of Architectural Design: Interior and Furniture Design at Utrecht University of the Arts, where he learned to bring his designs down to the essence, giving a face to tranquility. This became the basis for his interior design agency, which he founded in 2000. Initially working with a partner, in 2003 he made the well-considered decision to continue alone, under his own name. Since then, Remy has made a name for himself executing several high-profile projects, concerning both private homes as well as companies and hotels.

Stripped down forms, relinquished of all frills, interiors reduced to the pure essence of the space. This is the best way to describe Remy Meijers’ work. No frills, no noise. His designs are characterised by tranquility, simplicity, beautiful clear lines and a minimal use of colour, negating all excess.

Comfort and experience are expressed through rich materials and fine detailing. Furniture and accessories designed by Remy play an important role in his interiors, whether as part of the Remy Meijers Collection or through collaborations with leading brands.

The interior architect only works on overall concepts, handling everything from the broad outlines down to the finest details, from the plot down to the bathroom towels. He likes complex architectural conversions, in which he does not shy away from major structural interventions, these nevertheless not being an end in themselves. The solutions always originate from the interior needs. When routing, incidence of light and sightlines are taken as starting points, a building automatically takes shape. The outside environment is incorporated into Remy’s designs as well, making the final result a perfect reflection of his vision.

Remy Meijers works without a studio team and is solely responsible for all his interior designs. This is a conscious choice, as it means that each client gets to sit down with the designer himself and receive his undivided personal attention. For this reason, Remy only accepts a limited number of assignments at a time, and only in case all the parameters feel right and a mutual click exists. A careful and extensive intake procedure is of the utmost importance for this.


It is of great importance to Remy Meijers that everything fits together just right and all elements are perfectly in tune with one another. He is meticulous and precise, and does not like coincidences, therefore ensuring that the entire process is perfectly streamlined. As a result, the client only needs to be involved in the fun aspects of the complex construction or renovation process. The relationship with the client is important for Remy, he wants to know who the resident is and really dives into the client’s world. Sincere contact is essential for this. Remy Meijers’ designs start from the idea that all the elements should be perfectly attuned to one another. Because architecture and interior as well as furniture form an inseparable whole in Remy’s work, his interiors feel almost self-evident, as if they have simply always been that way. It is only when everything is exactly right that simplicity leads to elegance.

If the solution you require does not exist, create it.

Years of experience 25+
Projects location The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain,
Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Ibiza
Phone +31 (0)30 276 37 32
Address Bemuurde Weerd OZ 17
3514 AN Utrecht
The Netherlands