This talented designer creates high quality interiors and exteriors in the Netherlands as well as abroad. His projects stand out because of their warm, luxurious and international feel. All his projects are unique and complete works of art, real marvels to behold. Patrick also creates exclusive interior products such as lamps, tables and cabinets. To evoke a true all-round ‘feel’ of his projects, he has developed a special house fragrance.

Patrick Russ started his career in Amsterdam at the age of twenty-two. Sixteen years later, in 2011, he founded Patrick Russ Luxurious Design. Since then he has executed many international high-end projects in India, Sint Maarten, Dubai and Monaco, amongst others. He is currently working on an 1,800 m2 residential project in the South of France as well as on the exterior and interior of a beautiful villa with some acres of land in the Algarve in Portugal.

This passionate designer works on the basis of an instinctive click with his client. For each new project, Patrick puts together an allocated team of professionals with the right specialists for the job. In this flexible way, each project is structured exactly as required.

Patrick only works on a select number of high-end projects each year, because he lives by the rule that every project deserves and receives his full and undivided dedication. Designing and overseeing every detail in a project requires a lot of energy, and it is this dedication that is the strength of his work.

Close contact with the client is important in this kind of working method. Patrick listens and observes, demanding the utmost from himself and his team in order to truly realize the interior dreams of his clients. Everything is extensively and repeatedly scrutinized before approval. The materials to be used are examined on location a number of times throughout the day, to see how the changing light affects and makes the most of the selected colours and materials, in order to create the ultimate end result.

Patrick always manages to surprise with the way he employs emotion in his atmospheric designs. Searching the limits of possibilities, he loves to play with light, giving an interior something extra and filling a space with energy. He examines the collections and works of art already in his clients’ possession in order to incorporate them, making them truly come into their own within the new design. In this way, the design always becomes the personal property of his clients.

His work is not characterised by consistency, but is personally calibrated. Patrick’s signature style reflects his international experience and can be found in his specific way of detailing, the warm colour combinations, lighting and wide range of natural materials. Each project is completely customised, resulting in a luxurious interior with plenty of balance and exactly the right energy.

Never a dull moment.

Years of experience 10+
Project locations The Netherlands, France, Monaco, India, Dubai, Sint Maarten
Phone +31 (0)6 24 24 71 88
Address Bloemendaalseweg 139
2061 CH Bloemendaal
The Netherlands