Osiris is an all-round designer who has been pushing the limits of design ever since he first graduated. He has proven himself as a product designer of not only furniture but also home accessories and even handmade silver jewellery. Due to the diverse nature of the projects he undertakes, which consist of private homes as well as commercial projects, Osiris Hertman Studio’s team currently consists of not just architects and interior designers, but product designers as well.

Starting out, Osiris mainly worked on commercial design projects such as showrooms, restaurants and hotels. His creativity started manifesting itself very early on; in the second year of his studies, Osiris created the definitive design for Kinki Kappers, which is still used to this day.

Eleven years ago, Osiris started widened his expertise to include private homes. His interior vision is trendsetting. Due to his many projects worldwide, he knows what is going on in the international new construction market, from Curaçao to Monaco to Ibiza. He is well informed of all new technical innovations and incorporates the latest gadgets into his concept as a matter of course. This way, he effortlessly turns a shower into a wellness space, a fitness device into a home gym and a TV into an actual home cinema experience.

His background in product design is reflected by the large amount of detailing and custom-made objects in each of his interiors. In every project, Osiris works with handcrafted materials, which he either imports or has made directly on location by specialised craftspeople. This high level of detail requires exceptional manufacturers and carefully selected craftspeople with whom Osiris works closely over extended periods of time. Materials from all over the world, such as wood from Austria, loam from Italy, hand-forged copper from Indonesia and ceramic pots from Belgium, are brought together into one unique Osiris design. The majority of all design pieces are handmade and express his ideology of elegance, beauty and craftsmanship.

Each project kicks off with an in-depth interview – sometimes requiring several sessions – in which Osiris asks his clients about everything concerning their wishes and dreams to their passions and hobbies. After these sessions, Osiris is able to draw a very accurate profile of the client, on the basis of which he creates a total design in one go. Whereas clients are not directly involved in this design process, they are of course engaged when it comes to the subsequent presentation of the different components. Osiris truly caters to the client and he considers the ability to really listen to them as a distinguishing feature.

A good interior is like nature – it gives you peace of mind.

Years of experience 10+
Projects location The Netherlands, Spain, Curaçao, Sidney, Bali, Qatar, Ibiza
Phone + 31 (0)6 5585 2215
Address Anna van Burenlaan 15
2082 BK Santpoort-Zuid
The Netherlands