The most experienced designer in this line up; Kees Marcelis has been working in the field of architecture, interior and design for over thirty-two years. He studied Interior Architecture at Utrecht University of the Arts and subsequently started his own interior architecture firm. Today, Studio Kees Marcelis has grown into an established team of architects and designers, awarded with several prizes for interior, architectural and product design.

From interior design, Kees is turning ever more into the direction of exterior design, working on large architectural projects. Always remaining true to his origins, he consistently designs from the inside out. Striving to approach projects in a holistic way, he includes all aspects of architecture in his designs. With his firm, Kees creates a variety of designs for both the commercial and private sectors in the Netherlands and abroad. A fixed team of specialists in the field of architecture, interior design, landscape design, product design and sustainability work together on each project.

Even though translating the client’s wishes is more important than leaving his own mark, Kees Marcelis has managed to develop his very own individual style over the years. This is characterised by the exceptional simplicity discernable in his strong lines and specific use of colour and light. His designs exude tranquility, strength and character, feeling warm and sleek, with great attention to detail.

This architect has a unique world view, which he enjoys sharing with others. He believes one is able to see so much more when only taking another perspective. With his keen eye for detail, Kees Marcelis is able to discover something special in the seemingly mundane. It just depends on the way you look at things and what you focus on.

He brings others into his dream, making it their dream as well, taking the road less travelled and thinking outside the box in order to surprise his clients. This often gives rise to the most ingenious ideas.

Kees always works from the principle of listening carefully and putting himself in the client’s shoes. He truly gets to know his clients and values personal contact with them, because he wants to see them reflected in everything. By asking questions that are fundamental to the design and paying close attention to the client’s perception of the world, Kees examines the various possibilities.

At the start of a project, Kees and his client sit down together, Kees sketching away, giving the client the opportunity to give direct feedback which Kees then processes immediately. Within four to five hours, he is able to create rough sketches of a house and the client can decide whether or not to proceed.

Beauty is in everything around us. It is up to us to recognise it.

Years of experience 30+
Projects location The Netherlands, Syrië, Luxemburg, Oostenrijk, Frankrijk, Duitsland, Canada, Zuid-Afrika
Phone +31 (0)26 445 10 85
Address Benedendorpsweg 188
6862 WS Oosterbeek
The Netherlands