From early on Jeroen van Zwetselaar established major residential projects together with his team, building interiors and total architectural concepts around the world. Spaces and private homes that reflect a personal story. Pushing the boundaries to set the design limits each time to a next level is what characterises him. He loves to work with honest natural materials. Natural stones, leather, wood and steel in its purest form. His designs are raw and refined at the same time, architectural lines are of central importance in the designs, both in an aesthetic as functional way.

Different from the interior but equally essential to understand a complete space, is the location and its surroundings. Connecting the origins of a building with contemporary elements in a flawless way is what makes his work of the best possible quality. His narrative is being close to your core values of life, to nature and the origins of a building.

This interior architect recognizes that there are always underlying meanings, trying to find the authentic perspective on life. Therefore, the foundation of each residential project starts with exploring the clients deeper wishes and dreams. Challenge them, dare to live by their own vision of life. To fully grasp someone’s personal habits, rituals and lifestyle, Jeroen pays close attention to the process with his clients. Which he carefully envisages in the designs.

Jeroen is fond of old structures, restoring existing heritage to the building and finding the right balance between interior and exterior. One of his strengths is interweaving architectural challenges with reflecting personal elements. He creates from his soul and besides being an interior designer he works as
an autonomous artist as well. He always incorporates this side of him into his applied designs. In that way each new project has a strong, unique signature.

This designer makes a case study of the client’s core values in life. Every design is focused on their personal story, translated in the ultimate living space for them.


Studio Jeroen van Zwetselaar has been extensively recognized in the press, with architectural awards. The studio’s work has been published in The New York Times, Elle UK, Elle Decor, Bēhance, Design Milk, FRAME, dezeen, Plataforma Arquitectura, AN Shopfittingmagazine, Revista Internazionale and more.

Because true design is a place you want to live in, for infinite time.

Years of experience 10+
Projects location The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Ibiza, Amerika
Phone +31 (0)6 28 08 21 76
Address Verbindingsweg 36A
2061 EL Bloemendaal
The Netherlands